How to stay cool when it’s hot hot hot

I don’t like heat. I like Autumn, with it’s cool breezes and crisp days. I have not complained this year about the heat until today.


It was 108 degrees in the shade outside of our house today, that’s what the thermometer said anyway, it felt hotter. The weather sites say the high was only 95. I don’t think so.

My poor chickens are walking around panting their little hearts out. The bunny, guinea pig and dog are just miserable. In this horrible heat, we try to keep the fan on Ginger in the house and kept freezing bottles and putting them out in the bunny and guinea pig’s pens. They love to lay on the frozen bottles.

We stayed inside just trying not to be hot. {well Super G. was out finishing up a roof until noon, he is quite crispified}

We were still hot.

Around 7pm Pie asked me where an empty ice cream bucket was.

She came back into the living room, sat down, and put her feet in it.

In a bucket of ice.

That child is genius!!

stay cool in July heat

We spent a blissful hour of coolness with ice cream buckets of ice and a water bottle filled with ice. Ahhhhh. If only the ice maker would keep up with us.

Okay, end rant. How are you staying cool in this heat??


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  1. I complained during winter that it was too cold so I hate to complain about it being too hot hot, but it’s been a scorcher lately. Great idea by your daughter. That’s one way to keep cool!

  2. Dentist West Los Angeles says:

    108 degrees!? I think I would melt away in that heat, I’m glad your little one came up with something to help. Sometimes when I’m hot, I’ll just let ice melt on my head, or pour some cold water in my hair – then I’m cooling off as it dries!

  3. My dad and I used to do this when we lived in Portland, Oregon. It doesn’t get anywhere near as hot in OR as it does in the rest of the country, but we are both expat Brits so mild heat really gets to us!

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