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…and yep you guessed it, more rain! Ugh, this dreary wet mushy muddy swampy weather seems to have everyone on auto pilot lately! Even Mr.T. came home from school yesterday and asked me what was wrong with everyone! Why is everyone so quiet lately he asked? I looked up at him from my couch cushion, peeked out from in between the folds of my blanket (where I had lazily snuggled most of the day watching movies like The Other Boleyn Girl and Dirty Dancing) and said, It’s the weather.

Really! This weather just needs to let up and give us a day of sunshine already! Can you tell that I’m feeling it too, the blog is lonely! Also, I’ve been stressing about the camo prom dress my cousin and I are making for her son’s date. We have it mostly done but … IT’S TOO BIG … OMG! Today I am running over to pick it up and try to make it smaller, somehow. BLAH! That’s where I’ve been folks, and where I’ll be for the rest of today! I hope the sun is shining where you are!

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  1. We are getting plenty of rain here in Central Ohio. Three straight days of rain with not much sun at all. But its supposed to get better this weekend.

  2. I am so sick of the rain too here in NY! Ugh! At least it was nice for most of the day and I took the boys out for 3 hours. Waiting for the storms to roll through tonight though.

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