Super Genius – Look What I found Honey #2

Guess what’s parked in my front yard now? Oh you thought I was going to say driveway? No, the driveway seems to be full. Full of job trailers, vehicles, motorcycles, etc. Super G. came home with a tractor the other day, WAIT! I mean Super G. came home with THREE large tractors the other day.


They’re a good investment don’t ya know! So says the man who brought home the glittery blue motorcycle last month.

old red farm tractor

Pie is no help.

I’m outnumbered!

old red tractor on roadGinger dog April 2011

At least Ginger still loves me! The next thing that shows up in my driveway/yard had better be that camper he keeps talking about!

In my hubby’s defense, yes they all run and yes they are worth something and yes we will be using at least one of them and yes he will probably sell off another one of them and no I don’t really mind I just need something to blog about :)

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    Well, it looks like it was a blast…that dog pic is awesome too.

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    The pictures alone make the tractors a worthwhile investment. They totally made me smile.

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