The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day Nine & Ten

I guess I should’ve known better when I joined the 31 day challenge. I can never remember to actually write the post! SO… I will double up the next few prompts to get caught back up! Are you still playing along?

Day 9 Prompt: Your most treasured item.
Day 10 Prompt: Your favorite room in your house.

Day Nine. Well Hmm. My most treasured items are without a doubt the children, both of them. My man, of course. And my Ginger dog. But if you’re talking material items then it will have to be our photographs.

Family pictures held in tattered photo albums.

Old pictures of parents and grandparents, cousins and uncles, aunts and random relatives packed away in envelopes.

These are the things that I treasure most. Glimpses of our past. Looking at our children and seeing a shimmer of someone else we once knew and loved, and who is no longer with us. In attitude, in stance, in smile.

Family Photo AlbumsDay 10. This question is hard for me to answer. Not to seem melodramatic but this house is not my home. I don’t feel an emotional connection to it and really have no one favorite room. the rooms are so small and squished together anyway that it all seems like on big one. In my perfect world where I will someday be living in our very own HOME, I am almost sure that the favorite room will be the kitchen :)

For now though I will go with none.

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