Random blabbering and a few fun links :)

I am sick of not getting anything done! I have decided I need my own room to lock myself into. Then maybe I could get something done! Having my small work space in the middle of our tiny kitchen really isn’t conducive to good blog writing.

I can’t think when the kids are running around whining about being hot, or bored or fighting with each other or being forced to make kind comments every 10 minutes about the weird cardboard armor my 14 year old son is obsessed with making…. is this normal? Cardboard armor I mean? He has used up several rolls of duct tape and is begging relatives for cardboard… to make cardboard armor…. weird? Oh well, it keeps him occupied I guess :)

What I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry I suck! I fear summer postings will be even more random than when I have the house to myself. I did manage to find a few fun sweepstakes to enter today to banish my blues (sharing with you, links below!) I have no time for giveaway entering lately, although we’re anxiously awaiting a Harry Potter Wii game that we won from Momdot last week, yay! Maybe that will keep the kids out of my hair for  an hour or two so I can get something done!

So go enter these and know that I still love you no matter how bad I am at updating!

Chase away boredom! Teach Yourself to Sew Sweepstakes (form isn’t submitting right but I’m going to keep trying!)

Annie’s Homegrown prize giveaway (ends July 7, 2010 at 11:59pm)

Win a $250 Spa Day Gift cert. from Joy of Spa (Big Prize Giveaways on Facebook) ends July 14th

OOh! How about a $1000 rug from eCarpetGallery.com! Win by liking ShopAtHome.com on Facebook or following them on Twitter (@ShopAtHomeWILD) then filling out the entry form. ends July 11th

In fact why don’t you go check out all these great promos on Facebook, yes I admit it, the mindlessness of Facebook draws me in when I can’t concentrate on anything else!


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