I love Saturdays

Saturdays are turning out to be very fun this spring! This weekend we spent a gorgeous day out in the woods at my step-brother’s cabin. It was a little bit on the chilly side but the sun was shining and it felt so good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Of course, I forgot my camera! Mom brought hers so she did manage to snap a few pictures. The kids enjoyed fishing although a couple of them, mainly mine, spent more time tangling and untangling fishing wire than actual fishing. I think my step-brother caught the same poor fish about 5 times :) 

Cook out 2010

We had hot dogs roasted over a campfire and just had a relaxing day visiting and watching the kids play. I told Super Genius we needed to come pitch our tent here during the summer, it’s the perfect place for a camp out, we could go to the other side of the pond and just hide int he trees, lol :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


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  1. crochet lady says:

    Sounds like such a relaxing time. My weekend was a bit stressful.

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