Wordless Wednesday – morning suprise

Look what the FedEx guy just delivered! I have no idea where it came from either… (well besides CA) I vaguely remember entering a contest or blog giveaway for a year supply of Viva Paper towels. I guess I won! WooHoo! Doing the happy dance & hugging me some cleaning supplies :)

Oh, and completely off topic but the last words my precious daughter uttered on the way out the door this morning were

“I just got fart in my mouth”…. Umm Eww…. WTH!@

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  1. Yay!!! I love unexpected boxes!! Okay and as gross as what your child said as they were walking out the door IS, I was totally cracking up by it. It is very true when people say that Kids say the darndest things..

  2. LOL that happened to me too – I won something but didn't remember when or where from! Congrats on the free paper towels!! WOO HOO!!

  3. The Penny-Pinching Mama says:

    Well congrats on your win! Funny last words!!

  4. I am so jealous! I want free towels too. LOL… That's fabulous. Don't you just dig when you forget you won something or requested something free. It's the best surprise ever!

    Fart in mouth? OMG… ROFLLLLL.

  5. OH I would be so excited! Having a daycare, I go through a TON of towels!

  6. Blommi (formerly reddoggie) says:

    Now you are all ready for spring cleaning.

  7. Love when boxes show up without warning!

  8. A year's supply! Wow! We go thru paper towel like crazy in our house!

    Lucky you!

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  9. I LOVE surprise packages!

  10. LOL @ your daughter's comment. Owen comes up with some crazy/weird/funny stuff sometimes himself ha!

    Oh I LOVE surprises like this lol.

  11. Ok, I've been a subscriber of your blog for a couple months now, but never said anything before this. But, as someone else who would do a happy dance over a great big box of paper towels, may I just say,

    WAY TO GO!!!!!

  12. YAY!!! That is so cool to get unexpected packages esp. for paper towels. The VIVA paper towels are my fave! Congrats :)

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