I’m annoyed

My hubs, Super Genius, is a contractor. That means that he works quite a bit but it’s sporadic, unplanned and often last minute. It means that he may be home for the day, a few days, or working from 7am – 7pm for a week straight. He might be in and out of the house or I might not see him at all. I’m fine with this, mostly. I mean I can deal with his comings and goings, what I hate is when he comes home, sits down, eats lunch then turns on the TV and watches it for like 15 minutes, then announces he’s leaving again. Fine, love ya, kiss kiss, smooch smooch, see ya in a bit.

He leaves the TV ON! Blaring, usually something like Spike tv with 007 or today it’s the movie Ticker with Steven Segal. Sometimes it will be wrestling, hunting, Japanese people fighting in giant tea cups, he watches some messed up stuff! No it isn’t really any trouble to get up or stop whatever I’m doing and go turn it off, it just annoys the heck outta me!

Sigh, I love ya honey, I really do, you just bug me sometimes :) CLICK!

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