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I know there are a ton of weekly/daily memes out there in blog land, but I can’t help myself from adding another one to the mix! I thought about it for a few weeks and I think this will be a fun one! My meme is called “Sincerely Saturday” and it’s not really my meme at all! It will be yours!

Here’s how it works: On Saturdays I would like to feature a guest poster. It could be a fellow blogger, artist, professional, writer, anyone really, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. All that matters is that you are passionate about something! This is where the SINCERELY part comes in.

I would like posts about what you love, things that make you happy, something you do or have seen that makes you stand back and say “Wow, I really love/need this in my life!” Hobbies, crafts, ideas, coupons, shopping, recipes, people, art, whatever! I only ask that we keep it real, keep it mostly clean and keep it in the spirit of fun!

If you would like to guest post then I do request to have a copy of the post sent to my by Thursday evening so I can schedule it to run early Saturday morning. A link to your blog, if you have one, and a short introduction would be great to include! (nope you don’t even need a blog! Just a passion!) It would be wonderful to let your readers know as well by posting a note to come check out your passion! Take a peek at past “Sincerely Saturdays” for some examples.

I realize there isn’t enough time in the day for many things we need to get done, but I welcome your thoughts and look forward to featuring some of you wonderful readers! After all , you are what brings me here to share everyday! Grab my button and play along!

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  1. Corrie Howe says:

    Thanks, I could be interested in this. I saw you posted this in BloggerLinkUp too.

    I'd like to write about my passion to 'love and serve teenagers.'

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