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Feels Like Home and Adrienne’s House are hosting a Spotlight on PR event. I would love to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the PR professionals out there! I tentatively started my blog in December 2008, not to do reviews or giveaways, but to share pieces of my life with family and friends. I quickly realized there was a huge blogging community full of spirited and very smart moms!

I am a full time stay at home mom of 2 wonderful children. I work part time as a kgb_ special agent answering text questions. It’s a fun and crazy job, plus It’s great being able to work from home. My Man (who I like to refer to as Super Genius) of 15 years owns a small construction business, he is always going, going, going! Our son turned 14 on Aug 2nd and will be starting HIGH SCHOOL in a few weeks! Unbelievable how the time flies. Our daughter will be 9 on Oct. 9th. We have many pets including a dog (Ginger), cat (Cleo), bird (Kooky), fish and many chickens that I love to spoil! Both of our children are very creative in their own ways and constantly amaze me with their drawings, stories and creations! Our family enjoys spending time with our extended family & friends, playing outdoors, hunting, motorcycling and camping. Movies and music are a big part of our lives, as is the computer and various video games. We love games of all types and have a fun sense of humor. Some of my favorite hobbies include reading, cooking, crochet, sewing, gardening (both veggies & flowers) and Jazzercise!

We definitely think that trying out new products is an awesome thing to be a part of! You should see the children when something new arrives in the mail, even the small things like a box of cereal are so appreciated and thoughtfully reviewed by all of us! I love sharing my opinions and thoughts with others. If you choose to work with me, I will promise to commit my full attention to your product. I will post an informative and honest review, no speedily written 2 liners! Hosting giveaways is another part of review blogging that I’ve found to be enjoyable! It’s so exciting to see how happy it makes people to enter a giveaway or learn about a new product that might simplify or brighten their life. I do have several reviews under my belt, you can get a feel for how I might review your product by clicking here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and visit! If you think my blog would be a good fit for your company, please contact me at hensnest {at} windstream {dot} net. I look forward to working with you!


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Henrietta Newman is a self-loving single mom into smudging, nature, yoga, fitness, healthy living, tech, video games, gadgets, recipes, reviews and more.
With a love for the outdoors and visiting local attractions in and around NW PA and Lake Erie, you never know what you'll find in my nest! Subscribe to A Hen's Nest so you don't miss the fun!


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