Not a mutant Chicken….

I swear I’m not feeding my chickens some kind of super growth hormones. I’m not harboring mutant chickens or collecting eggs from some freaky She-Woman hen. No, but somehow , someway, someone out in the coop MUST have one sore bottom! I suspect my Oldest Buff Orpington “Buffy” (yes, real original, I know). Every day last week, the usual one large brown egg I gather with the rest of the normal sized eggs, was getting progressively bigger. On Friday this monster was in the nest box! I hadn’t seen one this large in awhile so it was quite a shock! My daughter is holding a normal sized egg for comparison.

I love it when you get one that won’t fit into the egg carton no matter what you do :) I had hoped it would be a double-yolker but it only had a large amount of egg white :( This week the eggs are getting smaller, lol. Maybe it’s a new trend. I just feel sorry for the chickie who made it!

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  1. crochet lady says:

    That is a huge difference! When we had chickens we’d get a whopper like that once in a while. I’d feel sorry for the chickie too.

  2. Henrietta says:

    It’s just amazing how much the egg size can vary! I should have weighed that egg! Oh well, next time :)

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